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Integration Service

Straight-through processing reduces trade execution time and ensures better prices for traders. At the same time, the information can go directly to the system of each department, which improves work efficiency and reduces errors.

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Managed Cloud Service

Infrastructure - Robustize your infrastructure with virtual services and micro services to make the system more reliable, scalable, and flexible.

Security - ​The cloud service bundle consists of a series of security modules to ensure your system, network and data security.  It helps to fulfill regulatory standards and industry-specific compliance requirements.

Cost - ​The cloud service ​provides usage-based charging scheme, and there is no need to pay continuous and expensive costs for infrastructure setup and maintenance, space of server room,​ uninterruptible power supply, etc.

Mobility - ​​As long as there is an internet, you can access and support the system under a secure connection, and even outsource the day-to-day maintenance work to our managed services.



The trading system is the engine of making profit, and that engine needs to be tuned to match your driving skills to be truly effective.

Connectivity & Data Feed

Connect with exchanges, brokers, data providers via various interface such as FIX,  REST API, Web socket etc.

Algo Trading Engine

Design and implement the  automated trading strategy over the trading system. E.g. VWAP, Pair, Arbitrage, etc. 

Hedging Engine

Monitor the market in realtime and execute hedging strategy based on current position and risk limit.

OTC Module

Integrate the pricing models of derivatives and structured products and perform large scale and complex calculation in high performance computing environment. 

Realtime Risk Monitoring

Perform pre-trade compliance check and calculate the risk level & Greeks of cross-asset portfolio.

Analytical Tool/Report

Collect the data in the market and perform analysis for trend and pattern discovery.

Risk and Trade Management

Middle office is like a bridge connecting departments. By connecting the system, data integrity can be guaranteed and efficiency can be increased.

Reconciliation Module  

Consolidate the ​transaction records and ​reconcile the positions with pinpointing discrepancy and  minimal manual intervention.

Inventory Management

Link up with trading systems to enable straight-through processing (STP) for trade allocation and movement of cash & inventory.

Corporate Event Module  

Handle the material change on the equity and derivatives arise from corporate actions, e.g. stock split.

Margin Calculation Engine

Calculate and simulate margin requirements for cross-asset portfolio based on different rules and models.

Process Automation

Enable robotic process automation (RPA) for the routine tasks to boost productivity and reduce mistakes.

Analytical Tool/Report

Consolidate data to make various application reports and analysis, including risk (e.g. VaR, Stress, PnL, etc) and management reports (e.g. KPI).

Compliance and Operation

Compliance and Operations need to smartly identify potential problems to be an effective line of defense.

Suspicious Activity Detection

Process massive amounts of data systematically to provide effective monitoring, alerting and reduce false positives.

KYC/AML Module

Store and manage client data and documents in a single platform for data integrity and continuous KYC and AML process.

Business Intelligence

Collect and structure the data to provide useful information and scenario analysis for​strategic planning. 

Workflow Module

Streamline routine business process with task assignment, approval, status tracking and user controls.

Process Automation

Enable robotic process automation (RPA) for the routine tasks to boost productivity and reduce mistakes.

Documentation Module

Generate and send the transaction documents (e.g. confirmations, statements, etc) based on customisable templates. 

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Professionals with 20+ years experience in global markets
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Expertise in financial services business operation enablement
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  • Stock Borrowing and Lending 
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Practical experience in front-to-back process engineering
  • System Integration
  • Build from Scratch 
  • Robotic Process Automation   
  • Straight Through Processing 
  • Algo Trading Strategy   

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